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Porlock, Exmoor National Park

The Porlock Aurochs

The AurochsThe aurochs (Bos primigenius) is an extinct species of cattle from which nearly all species of domestic cattle have descended. After storms in 1996, the shingle ridge along the edge of Porlock Bay was moved back into the marsh exposing the blue-grey silts previously protected beneath it. In these layers the bones of the Porlock aurochs were found. All that survived was the pelvis, a few ribs and some of the backbone. The bones date to approximately 1500 BC and are thought to be from a bull of around 10 years old.

In this country the aurochs died out around this time but survived in Poland until 1627, the year in which the last aurochs cow died a natural death in her haunts, as is stated in the report of the royal inspection performed in the year 1630.

The Porlock Aurochs has been reborn thanks to giant maker Wendy Dacre of Raventales, HUGE (Highly Unusual Giant Enterprises), volunteer holiday makers and local people. Construction took place from the 12th - 16th August 2002. The finished giant took part in the Porlock Carnival in September 2002 and is now stored at the Visitors Centre.

Building the AurochsBuilding the AurochsBuilding the Aurochs

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