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Porlock Visitor Centre has officially been approved as an Exmoor National Park Partner.

ENPA was happy to accept the centre as a partner because it recognises that Exmoor is a special and welcoming place for those looking to reconnect with nature and to enjoy the diverse natural features of our landscape, as well as supporting the rural communities who have made this area their home and business.

Centre staff and volunteers are knowledgeable and share information, not just on Porlock Vale, but on all of the unique and individual characteristics of Exmoor.

They held the first Porlock Weir Sea Festival in 2022 to showcase the aspects of Moor to Sea to ENPA visitors and residents.

Porlock Visitor Centre is proud to be a Plastic Free Champion. It has a sustainability policy and a decarbonisation policy in place and shares this information with its member businesses. There is also a 2 minute Litter Pick board located at Porlock Visitor Centre.

Porlock Visitor Centre Manager Deborah Stanyon said, “We are proud to partner ENPA and Visit Exmoor and share the vision for promoting Exmoor as a tourist destination, while supporting the rural businesses and economy which is vital to our rural way of life.”

“By supporting and collaborating with ENPA and Rural Enterprise Exmoor we can continue to highlight and showcase the uniqueness of Porlock Vale and Exmoor as a tourist destination.”